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Dan Higgins

Dan Higgins

Born in Christchurch New Zealand, Dan bought his first calculator at the age of 6. A true Southern man, he loves his fashion and craft beer and is known for his good humour, ambition and great legs.

After graduating from the New Zealand Broadcasting School in 2006, Dan’s face for radio took him to the airwaves, where he made a name for himself as DJ Dog Roll on national radio.

With a decade of production company experience, Dan started out as a Director’s Assistant, but quickly put his hand up to produce when he realised it was the best way to start calling the shots. He cut his teeth on music videos, producing dozens of clips for local recording artists such as Six60, Phoenix Foundation and Tom Lark.

Over the last ten years, Dan has accumulated a swag of film awards, including Best Short Film and Best Short Film Critics Choice at the New Zealand Film Awards in 2016. His films have screened at film festivals all over the world, including Festival de Cannes, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival and New York Festivals to name a few.

Dan is Managing Partner/Executive Producer at Eight. 



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