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Tues 19th Feb - Sun 3rd March    Auckland Fringe Festival

Wed, 20th Feb 2019                     NZAPG Exec Committee Meeting                                       

Thurs, 14th March 2019               The 39th Axis Awards


10-12 Dec 2018   Intimacy on Set and Stage with Ita O'Brien, Auckland

Wed, 28 Nov        Guilds Christmas Party, Auckland
Mon, 10 Dec        Guilds Christmas Party, Christchurch
Wed, 12 Dec        Guilds Christmas Party, Wellington  

10th Oct 2018    Screenlink - 6pm-8pm, The Long Room, 114 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

                           Speaker: Robin Walters

11th Oct 2018    NZAPG AGM - 5.45pm, West End Bowls, 9 Hamilton Road, Herne Bay

24 May 2018      NZAPG Mid Year Meeting - 5.30-7.30pm
                           Hosted at Exit Films - Level 1, 417 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket, Auckland

08 Mar 2018        Axis Awards Dinner

06 Dec 2017        Combined Screen Guilds Xmas

02 Oct 2017         Screen Industry Summit

14 Sep 2017        Annual General Meeting

15 June 2017      Mid Year Meeting

14 Mar 2017        Pre Axis Producers Party

16 Mar 2017        Axis Awards Show

29 Nov 2016       Screen Guilds Xmas Party

09 Nov 2016       Collaborator Series with DEGNZ & WIFT - Composing for the Screen. Guest Speaker - Karl Steven.

22 Sep 2016        Annual General Meeting. Guest Speaker: Mike Hutcheson

05 Jul 2016         Mid Year Meeting. Guest Speaker: Lindsay Mouat (ANZA).

13 Apr 2016        Social networking evening with Advertising Agency producers

Screen Advertising Safety Compliance - Information Evening 

9 Feb 2016

NZAPG hosted a Screen Advertising Safety Compliance - Information Evening on 9th February 2016 to address safety compliance for the NZ Screen Advertising Industry.

With the new NZ Health and Safety Reform Act coming into affect on 4th April 2016 and applying to all New Zealand businesses and contractors (Clients, Agencies, Production Companies, Producers, Technicians and Suppliers), NZAPG wanted to inform the Screen Advertising sector about what the new legislation means and how to make sure everyone is covered.

The evening was open to anyone working in the NZ Screen Industry. The aim of the event was to provide information specific to the advertising screen sector. We deliberately kept our focus on advertising screen production as we are looking for top-down buy-in from clients and agencies to collaborate with advertising production companies and producers.

With support from advertising industry organisations CAANZ (Client) and ANZA (Agencies) we are working to implement an online Risk Management & Compliance system. A company called ‘Risk Manager NZ’ are developing an online compliance system which enables individuals and businesses and ensure they are implementing Safety Best Practise in order to be compliant under the new legislation.

The evening included lots of practical information regarding safety best practise on advertising productions and how it applies under the new legislation, and how to ensure companies and individuals are being compliant.

Overview of the Advertising Screen Safety Compliance Info Evening:

  • A legal expert speaker from the law firm Anthony Harper gave a brief overview of roles and responsibilities of companies and individuals under the new legislation, tailored specifically to the advertising industry sector.
  • ScreenSafe gave an introduction to who they are and what they are doing and provided an update on progress of the new Safety Code of Practise.
  • Risk Manager gave a presentation of their system - an online tool with an easy to use ‘opt in’ system to initiate a chain of safety compliance between advertisers, agencies and production companies on individual productions.
  • There was a Question & Answer session at the end

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