The New Zealand Advertising Producers Group (NZAPG) was formed by and represents individual TV commercial and content producers. We are a member based group that represents the interests of advertising producers working in marketing communications and advertising in the delivery of audiovisual expertise.


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    Nikita Kearsley
    Nikhil Madhan
    Valentine Taylor


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Dec 10th - 12th    Intimacy on Stage and Set, with Ita O'Brien
Wed, 28 Nov        Guilds Christmas Party, Auckland
Mon, 10 Dec        Guilds Christmas Party, Christchurch
Wed, 12 Dec        Guilds Christmas Party, Wellington

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Iris started out as a professional photographer before moving into the world of cinematography, where she thrived for many years. She was pulled, kicking and screaming, into the evil land of production because of her uncanny ability to get the job done. However, if she goes missing on set, you can almost guarantee she can be found someone in the vicinity of the camera truck. She has been living in New Zealand for years now and has been partially kiwi-ified. The new improved Iris combines...

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